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Braces vs. Clear Aligners: A Quick Comparison

August 5th, 2019

Orthodontic technology is always evolving as we work to find the most advanced and effective ways to align your teeth. With new options and technologies, there are so many different ways to improve the function and appearance of your smile, so the choices might seem a little overwhelming. Luckily, Dr. Hutta and Dr. Price will select which treatment option is best for you, creating a treatment plan based on your teeth alignment and smile goals.

We’ve broken down some of the key differences between traditional braces and clear aligners—the two most popular types of orthodontic treatment.


Clear aligners are thin, plastic-like trays custom-fitted to your teeth, so they are virtually invisible. This is a more discreet orthodontic option; however, many people have fun picking out the colored bands for their braces treatment! Clear braces are also available if you are looking for a less noticeable option.


Clear aligners are removable—you take them out to eat and brush—while braces are fixed to the teeth. The removability of aligners is nice when a special occasion arises, but one must be disciplined when undergoing aligner therapy as 22 hours of wear each day are required for a successful and timely treatment. In contrast, braces are not removable, which makes them ideal for an individual who wants a less compliance-driven option.


Taking aligners out to brush and floss makes your hygiene routine a lot simpler with clear aligner therapy; however, you are not exempt from the risk of tooth decay with clear aligners. Since these aligners cover the teeth, bacteria and plaque can become trapped between the tray and teeth, particularly if you consistently consume sugary beverages or snacks while wearing your clear aligners. Brackets and wires on braces can make it more difficult to properly clean the teeth. However, it’s simple once you get the hang of it. Either way, all orthodontic treatments require a good oral hygiene routine for the entirety of the treatment.


If you wear your clear aligners exactly as prescribed, this treatment can typically be as efficient, if not more efficient, than treatment with braces. However, if you are not wearing your aligners for the recommended number of hours per day, it will delay your final outcome. The efficiency of treatment with braces relies more heavily on good oral hygiene and making sure to not break your appliances.

On the journey to your best smile, Dr. Hutta and Dr. Price will examine all aspects of your teeth, smile, and bite, and provide the very best treatment option possible. Sometimes that means braces, clear aligners, like Invisalign® or Smile Envy 3D, or a combination of the two treatments. If you want to discuss these options further, schedule an appointment with Dr. Hutta and Dr. Price today at 614-855-8800 or click our Virtual Consultation button to connect with our experts in the comfort of your own home. We can’t wait to help you transform your smile and your confidence!

Celebrating National Picnic Month with Braces-Friendly Snacks

July 22nd, 2019

July is National Picnic Month and we hope you get to enjoy time outside with family and friends! However, if you go on a picnic, make sure you choose picnic foods that will not cause damage to the brackets and wires on your braces. Dr. Hutta and Dr. Price have some recommendations for putting together a picnic basket that will be healthy for your braces and delicious:

Soft fruits

Fruits like bananas, peaches, and blueberries are delicious, easy to chew, and not likely to damage braces. Take advantage of all the tasty fruit that’s in season during the summer months.


Cheese is a dental superfood, and, because it’s generally soft, it’s easy to chew. In addition to its many nutritional benefits, cheese can lower the acidity levels of the mouth, promoting overall oral hygiene. Best of all, string cheese is a super easy addition to your picnic basket!

Soft, raw veggies

During your orthodontic treatment, you should mostly opt for cooked vegetables, but softer, raw veggies, like cucumbers and peppers, are unlikely to damage your braces. Try pairing them with hummus for extra flavor and protein!

Hard boiled or deviled eggs

Another great source of protein, eggs are very easy to eat and won’t damage the wires and brackets on your braces.

Pudding cups

You don’t have to skip dessert during your orthodontic treatment! Instead, opt for a soft and sweet option, like pudding, and avoid hard, crunchy, or chewy desserts.


On your picnic, skip the sugary sodas and juices that erode the enamel of your teeth. Instead, pack water! Not only is water healthy and refreshing, but it is also one of the easiest and most effective ways to keep your braces clean and free from food!

We hope you’re enjoying the beautiful summer months. If you have any questions or concerns (about your braces-friendly picnic, or otherwise!) please feel free to call us at (614) 855-8800.

Get Your SmileSnap Virtual Consultation

June 26th, 2019

At James T. Hutta Orthodontics, we know that life is busy! That’s why we’re so excited to launch SmileSnap, a virtual consultation service on our website that can be completed from the convenience of your own home. If you are considering transforming your smile with orthodontics, you know that finding time to research treatment options and schedule appointments can be difficult. With SmileSnap, you will receive the customized feedback you deserve without taking time out of your busy schedule. Simply fill out the SmileSnap questionnaire and upload several photos of your teeth. Then, we’ll send you an orthodontic treatment plan tailored to your needs and preferences, so you can learn about your potential smile transformation—no strings attached!

The SmileSnap Process

Step 1:

When you enter our SmileSnap virtual consultation, you’ll be guided through a short questionnaire that asks for your basic information and overall smile goals. By ranking important financial and care considerations, describing your smile needs, and telling us your treatment preferences, we’ll gather all the information we need to create your customized treatment plan.

Step 2:

Next, you’ll upload several pictures of your teeth and bite for our experts to evaluate, following SmileSnap’s easy instructions. You can take these photos yourself, either with a phone or a computer webcam—whatever is easiest for you! The various angles needed are simple to capture, and SmileSnap has helpful videos for anyone who may need extra guidance. Once your photos are uploaded, your part of the virtual consultation is complete. All you have to do is wait for our feedback!

Step 3:

Our orthodontists will examine your pictures, treatment preferences, and information from the virtual consultation to devise the perfect smile treatment plan for you. Then, we’ll email or text you our treatment recommendation—complete with pricing, estimated treatment length, and more. With this information in mind, you can make a fully informed decision regarding the next steps of your potential smile transformation journey!

Ready to try SmileSnap?

Click the virtual consultation widget above to receive all the benefits of a traditional consultation—but, conveniently, at home! And if you love your SmileSnap consultation results, call us at 614-855-8800 to schedule an appointment and make your virtual treatment plan a reality.

Tips for Rocking Your Selfie with Braces

June 18th, 2019

June 21 is National Selfie Day! It’s the perfect occasion to snap a picture and share your beautiful smile with friends and family on social media. Although many people with braces feel self-conscious about their smile, you shouldn’t let this hold you back from snapping a selfie! There’s no need to be embarrassed about braces, and you can still look great in a photo without hiding your pearly whites.

Here at James T. Hutta Orthodontics, we have some tips for rocking your braces this National Selfie Day:

  • Practice good oral hygiene. You want your selfie to capture your smile—not the leftover food caught in the wires of your braces. Make sure to brush and floss carefully before taking photos so that your teeth look clean and bright.
  • Take care of your lips. Dry lips can catch on your braces and tear at the skin. When you have braces, it’s especially important to apply lip balm regularly. Your moisturized lips will look so much better in a photo!
  • Have fun with color. When choosing a color for your elastic bands, you have the opportunity to treat your braces like an accessory! Instead of trying to downplay your braces, highlight them with your favorite color. These bands come in pretty much every color of the rainbow, so have some fun playing around with various shades! You could coordinate your braces to a particular outfit, match your eye color, or change out the colors seasonally for different holidays.
  • Don’t use flash. Flash can reflect off the metal of your braces and potentially ruin your photo. Instead of using flash, you should try to find a natural light source for your selfie.
  • Play around with makeup. When prepping for your selfie, try out different shades of lipstick to see what looks the best with your band color. If you’re still hoping to detract attention from your mouth, you could also try out a bold eyeliner or eyeshadow look.
  • Own it! Nothing makes a smile look better than confidence. You won’t have braces forever, so you might as well have some fun, smile wide, and rock that selfie.

Is it about time to get those elastic bands replaced (and maybe trade them in for a new color)? Give us a call to schedule your appointment today!

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