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Meet The Staff

Here at Hutta & Price Orthodontics, we recognize that all our patients are unique and deserve orthodontic care that reflects their individual needs. We take great pride in our patients’ trust in us, and constantly hold ourselves to the highest standards.

Since our doors opened in 1992, we’ve built our professional family from the ground up. We believe the best orthodontic care starts from the moment you walk in the door. When you arrive for an appointment with us, you’ll be greeted warmly and made to feel both welcome and at home.

Once you’re directed to a patient room, one of our compassionate and talented hygienists will do a quick check-in with both you and your mouth before the orthodontist comes in for a more detailed discussion of your orthodontic treatment.

Drs. Hutta and Price understand that orthodontic discussions can get technical and difficult to follow very quickly — after all, it is a profession that requires many levels of education! For this reason, they encourage patients to ask questions and are happy to discuss treatment options in-depth.

Furthermore, Dr. Hutta has achieved his status as an orthodontist at the forefront of his field due to his extensive investment in the best and latest technologies the orthodontic field has to offer. His rigorous professional training, combined with creative thinking, will make finding the best treatment option for you a breeze, and leave you with a beautiful, lasting smile.

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