Insignia BracesColumbus Ohio

Smile: You’ve Got Options!

Gone are the days where “orthodontic appliance” automatically meant braces! While many people are committed to undergoing orthodontic treatment, most aren’t usually the most keen on braces. For our patients who seek another option, enter Insignia, an orthodontic appliance that utilizes new technology to spur you along on your journey to your healthiest smile in less time than traditional braces.

Insignia is an interactive software system that gives us the ability to customize your smile just for you. The software utilizes virtual 3D imaging to generate a digital model of your mouth. From the digitized model, we are able to tailor your treatment plan to ensure that the end result is a brilliant, brand-new smile.

Reliable Results

Customized archwires guide your teeth into place smoothly, and all but invisibly, to the outside world — the only thing people will notice is how much more confident your smile is becoming!

Benefits of Using Insignia

Patients who use Insignia love how the technology can be customized to their mouths exactly. We will be able to place brackets with extreme precision, leading to predictable treatment outcomes. By increasing precision, patients with Insignia also spend less time in the orthodontist office. If Insignia sounds like a good option for you, please contact our practice with any further questions. Our staff will be happy to answer them and provide information about next steps.