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Protect Your Smile with Our Retainer Guarantee!

You’ve worked so hard to create that gorgeous smile. Let’s protect it!

Did your pet get a hold of your retainer? Accidentally toss it out? Lose it? We’ve got you covered with our Retainer Guarantee program!

Every new retainer costs up to $438. If you replace your retainer once a year (even if you don’t lose it, they do wear out!), that adds up to $3,504 over eight years.

With our 8-year plan, you pay a one-time $680 enrollment fee and receive:

  • $20 copay with current models and wearing retainers (shipping fees applied if mailing)
  • $30 copay if new scans and models are needed
  • $50 copay for lingual repair
  • Flexible financing

To keep your stunning smile, we recommend retainer wear “Nighttime for Lifetime.” With our Retainer Guarantee program, you’ll keep that happy, beautiful smile for life and keep your wallet happy, too.

Call to take part in our Retainer Guarantee program to make sure your smile is covered!

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