Which Orthodontic Treatment Is Right for Me?


Choosing the right orthodontic treatment can feel overwhelming at times. There are so many options that each have their respective benefits. However, your unique oral anatomy and goals will determine which treatment options are best for you. Fortunately, here at Hutta & Price Orthodontics, we offer a variety of treatments, and our expert orthodontists will help you select the option that’s best for your smile!

For general misalignment

The treatment that we recommend the most, and that is the most universally effective for people of all ages with misaligned teeth, is braces. While we offer more than one type of braces, such as the faster-acting Damon Braces or the customized InsigniaTM braces, which is often the most cost-effective, efficient, and precise treatment for people looking to straighten their teeth and brighten their smile. It works well across age groups and corrects a bevy of orthodontic problems, such as jaw misalignment, malocclusion, unmatched dental midlines.

For children

When a child comes into the office for orthodontic treatment, there are a few pieces of information we must take into account that we wouldn’t with an adult patient. For example, one major element of treating a child is determined by whether or not they have lost all of their baby teeth. If the answer is no, we may do something we at Hutta & Price refer to as interceptive treatment, which often involves treating the child with two phases of braces: one before all of their baby teeth fall out and one after. The purpose of this is to positively influence the structure of their mouth, jaw, and airway to make everyday activities like breathing and eating easier. This will also prevent future problems like sleep bruxism and lower their risk for gum disease during adulthood. 

For adults

The upside to getting braces as an adult is that you have the most leeway of all of our orthodontic patients. The downside is that you’ve lost all of your baby teeth, which may limit our ability to influence your airway and overall mouth structure. However, as an adult, you have access to more advanced, convenient, and customized forms of orthodontia. For example, a popular option with our adult clients is Invisalign®. Not only are the clear aligners conveniently removable, making them ideal for people who regularly attend work events or perform for a living, but they are clear and nearly invisible (hence the name). Additionally, for those adults who had braces as kids but stopped wearing their retainers, we offer a six-month smile “touch-up” to reverse any changes in your smile that may have happened since treatment.

At the end of the day, the only way to determine the best course of treatment for you is to visit your orthodontist and make a game plan. Call Hutta & Price Orthodontics at 614-855-8800 for more information or to schedule an appointment and take that first step toward your smile transformation today!