Celebrating Healthy, Happy Smiles


At Hutta & Price Orthodontics, we celebrate the power of healthy, aligned smiles every day. Not only is orthodontic care imperative to long-term health and wellness for countless people, but we are grateful to be practicing something we’re so passionate about. Read on for more information about modern orthodontic technologies, our practice’s mission, and how to know when an orthodontist is right for you!

Advanced orthodontic technology

Here at Hutta & Price Orthodontics, we pride ourselves on staying educated and up to date on all of the newest technologies and advancements in orthodonture. We have incorporated many unique, advanced tools in our office—from intraoral scanners to 3D printers. We also offer many treatment options, including Damon Braces (which come in clear for a more discreet treatment), customized InsigniaTM braces, interceptive treatment for children who haven’t lost all their baby teeth yet, and Invisalign® aligners. We’re even in the top 1% of all Invisalign providers nationwide!

Why visit experts?

When you’re trying to figure out the best orthodontist for you or your child, select someone who knows what they’re doing and sets you at ease. Finding orthodontists with experience and passion for the field is incredibly important, as they’re going to be shaping your smile and heavily influencing your long-term dental health.

Both Dr. Hutta and Dr. Price have worked hard over many years to cultivate their expertise and set themselves apart in the field of orthodontics. With over 30 years of combined experience and numerous accolades, our experts are members of important organizations like the American Association of Orthodontists and the American Dental Association. They also regularly attend conferences and keep up with continuing education to ensure that they are at the cutting-edge of the field.

Beyond the smile

When you smile, the teeth you see are only part of the equation. Orthodontics also impacts the roots of your teeth, your bone, your facial development, and your palate. In addition to aligning teeth, orthodontic care will make much deeper, long-term improvements to your health as a whole. Properly aligned teeth and bites reduce the risk of TMJ or bruxism, open your airway, and promote healthy breathing or sleeping. If you receive treatment as a child, before you finish growing, orthodontics can also positively influence facial growth to make breathing, eating, and speaking easier.

Today and every day, we are ecstatic to have you as a patient and for all the patients and smiles to come. For more information or to begin your smile journey, please call Hutta & Price Orthodontics at 614-855-8800.