Our Mission

At Hutta & Price here in Westerville, there’s nothing we love more than to see our patients smile. And when they trust us to help them achieve a healthy, aligned grin, we just can’t help but smile back! Dr. Hutta and Dr. Price are dedicated to offering the best care and orthodontic services to the many Central Ohio communities that they serve. Partnering with several local dentists offices, our team has helped thousands of patients achieve the smile of their dreams.

Westerville Smile Services

When it comes to our Westerville orthodontic services, we are constantly striving to improve, innovate, and offer only the very best. At your complimentary consultation here at our office, our orthodontics staff will assess your bite and teeth placement, walk you through treatment options, and begin customizing a plan for your alignment journey. Every patient is unique, so our team will carefully develop an individualized treatment plan that fits your lifestyle and alignment goals. Whether it’s braces or Invisalign, we will find the right plan for you!


The Best Technology in Orthodontics

At Hutta & Price, we take pride in offering our patients the very best care possible. This includes the expertise of Dr. Hutta and Dr. Price, the services we choose to offer, and our top of the line in-house technology. We make sure to stay on the forefront of innovations in orthodontic and dental technology. This includes our JUELL 3D-2 printer, digital x-rays, the iTero Element Intraoral scanner, and more. Our high level of care and technology has patients grinning with glee at their alignment results every time.

Damon Smile Bracelift

Orthodontists for Patients of All Ages

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children have their first visit to an orthodontic office at age 7, or earlier if problems arise. At this age, we are able to screen for any issues, and track your child’s tooth and jaw development. Then, we can pinpoint the perfect time for them to begin their braces journey!

For children that are too young to begin treatment, we are happy to welcome them into our office Growin’ Grins Club! Members of this special group receive complimentary check-ups, goodie bags, fun contests, and patient appreciation parties. This allows us to track their bite and teeth development, and help them grow comfortable with the orthodontic process before treatment even begins.

At Hutta & Price, we always love welcoming adult patients as well. No matter your age, it is never too late to achieve the smile of your dreams, and the confidence that goes along with it! Many adults worry about the cosmetic appearance of wearing braces during treatment. But with innovative orthodontic technology like Invisalign and Smile Touch-Up, it is now easier than ever to align your teeth as an adult.


The Importance of an Aligned Smile

A beautifully aligned smile is important for both aesthetics and health reasons. Misaligned teeth leave many hard to reach areas during your daily brushing and flossing routine, allowing bacteria build up and more chances for cavities. A lack of alignment can also cause more wear and tear on the teeth during everyday use.

Additionally, a misaligned bite can cause major issues for your jaw. Temporomandibular disorders occur when an unhealthy bite puts extra stress on the teeth, jaws, and joints. This can be a painful condition, causing stiffness and migraines. Using braces or Invisalign to create a beautifully aligned bite helps to reduce the risk of TMD or lessen its symptoms.

Live Your Life While

Award Winning Orthodontist Team

The bond we form with our patients over their alignment journies is the best part of our job! We are honored to be recognized as a top quality orthodontics office based on patient satisfaction.

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Ready to begin the journey to the smile of your dreams? Book your first appointment with Hutta & Price today! At this complimentary consultation here at our Westerville office, an orthodontist will walk you through the treatment options and find a plan that works best for you.

We also offer virtual consultations for our on-the-go patients who don’t have time to stop into our office. Once you send us a few smile photos and answer some questions, we will begin developing your individualized alignment plan.

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