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At Hutta & Price Orthodontics, we have created thousands of healthy, happy smiles throughout the central Ohio, New Albany, and Gahanna areas. At our office, we proudly deliver award-winning care through advanced orthodontic treatments, innovations in dentistry, and friendly service.

We know that finding the right orthodontist is an important decision that should not be taken lightly. As an office, our reputation for excellence precedes us. Whether you read our hundreds of reviews, are referred by your family dental provider, or visit us based on a family friend’s recommendation, we are proud to be known for our exceptional service and friendly staff in central Ohio.


The orthodontics and dentistry fields are ever-expanding. We are proud to provide cutting-edge care and the advanced braces or aligner technology that our smile family deserves. We take the time to learn all the best technologies and techniques, like Invisalign®. Whether that means attending conferences or participating in continuing education, Dr. Hutta, Dr. Price, and our staff put expertise and experience first.

Along your smile journey, you will notice many advanced dental technologies and dentistry innovations—from our 3D printer to our intraoral scanner. We proudly use self-ligating Damon Braces and clear aligners, like Invisalign and Smile Touch-Up, to deliver healthy smiles in the Columbus, OH area. Every patient receives a fully customized plan—there are no cookie-cutter Hutta & Price smiles! While some patients may benefit from braces or other orthodontic appliances, others may be good candidates for Invisalign. At your appointment, we will discuss your smile goals and dental health before creating a comprehensive plan for you.


Top 1% Diamond Provider

We are a designated Top 1% VIP Invisalign Diamond Provider, the highest level of Invisalign experience that a dentistry or orthodontic practice can have. We are proud to utilize all of Invisalign’s cutting-edge technology—from iTero scanning to Invisalign for teens.

Smile Touch-Up

Dr. Hutta and Dr. Price are excited to tune up your smile quickly with this innovative treatment plan. This aligner treatment is 3D printed in our office and customized for your smile needs.


From your first orthodontic consultation to your finished result, we promote smiles and health every step of the way! During your smile transformation, we are your partners. At every appointment, we evaluate your progress in the dental chair, make any adjustments, and listen to your questions or concerns. As specialists in the field of dentistry, we take our time to ensure you have the best possible braces or aligner journey. Here are some of the many perks that come with being a Hutta & Price Orthodontics patient:

Award-winning care: Thanks to our patients, Hutta & Price Orthodontics has won a number of awards in the central Ohio and Columbus areas. Over the years, we have been named Best Orthodontist by Columbus CEO, New Albany Founder’s Day, and This Week Newspaper multiple times.

Earn rewards: To thank you for being a patient, we use Patient Rewards Hub points to make every visit to our office exciting. A patient can earn points toward gift cards in many ways—from practicing good dental hygiene and wearing our free T-shirt, to referring patients to join our smile family.

Patient appreciation: We love to show our appreciation for every patient and family! From special patient parties, to exclusive contests and welcome gifts, we aim to make every patient smile.

Growin’ Grins Club: The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that kids first visit an orthodontic office at age seven. If your child does not need treatment yet, they can join our complimentary Growin’ Grins Club while we monitor their smile. Young patients love getting special goodie bags, coming to our patient appreciation parties, and entering contests, while parents love complimentary check-ups with an expert orthodontist and our friendly staff.


Dental care goes beyond keeping your teeth clean with a family dental provider. While traditional dentistry keeps teeth clean, orthodontics provides a foundation for a healthier and more optimal smile.

Orthodontic treatment is a form of specialized dentistry. And this kind of dentistry allows Dr. Hutta and Dr. Price to improve your dental health, your smile aesthetics, and the function of your mouth or face. Facial balance and alignment allow you to maintain good dental hygiene habits, promote healthy eating, speaking, and chewing, as well as prevent problems like TMJ disorders or facial pain. Not to mention—having an aligned grin makes you more confident, more excited about dental health, and more likely to smile!


Whether you are referred by your family dental provider, interested in correcting an aesthetic dental issue, or curious about how orthodontics could improve your life, our team is here for you! Our practice provides care for the whole family. Young children, teens, and adults can all benefit from expert orthodontic treatment.


Looking for the best braces in New Albany? Ready for orthodontic treatment in Columbus? Visit our Hutta & Price Orthodontics practice for the specialized dental care you deserve. Need more convincing? Take the time and browse our hundreds of happy reviews from our smile family.

Virtual consultations

Patients have busier lives than ever. This is why Dr. Hutta, Dr. Price, and our staff are happy to offer virtual consultations that you can complete from the comfort of your home. On our website, use our Virtual Consultation tool to snap photos of your teeth, answer some questions, and select your treatment preferences—like Invisalign or braces. We’ll do the rest! After we create your plan, we will contact you and discuss your braces or clear aligner options. There are no strings attached!


In-person consultation

When you come into the office for your orthodontic consultation, our Ohio team will thoroughly evaluate your smile, teeth, jaw, and face. After discussing your goals and dental health history, Dr. Hutta and Dr. Price will devise a custom treatment plan and explain everything you need to know about braces or clear aligners, like Invisalign. Every consultation is an experience where you can learn, ask questions, and discuss any dental concerns you may have.

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