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Dr. James T. Hutta and Dr. Jeffrey Price are committed to providing state-of-the-art orthodontic care for excellent health. Partnering with local dental practices, we love helping patients achieve beautiful results.
From our Columbus-area office, we offer expert services that are fully customized to your unique smile. The care of our orthodontists and staff extends beyond your teeth; we are proud to be part of the central Ohio community! From Blacklick to New Albany, we enjoy our close bond with our current and former patients, local businesses, and the greater area.

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Ohio Patient-First Services

No smile is exactly the same. That’s why our care is always personalized to your orthodontic needs. At an appointment, our office works with each patient to ensure they get the best care. We offer a variety of services, including Invisalign®, self-ligating braces, and our custom Smile Envy 3D system for a smile touch-up. We are dedicated to delivering the highest level of service and will work with you to select the perfect plan.


The expertise of our Hutta & Price Orthodontics doctors and staff, combined with cutting-edge dental and orthodontic technology, allow us to offer our patients a full range of services. In the field of dentistry, new technology is always emerging, allowing us to constantly improve our care. We are fully equipped with the best, including our innovative JUELL™ 3D-2 printer that reduces the time and cost of creating and replacing retainers, digital x-rays, and the iTero® Element™ Intraoral Scanner. Together, these systems and our combined decades of experience make the process quicker, more comfortable, and more affordable.

Treatments for Patients of All Ages

There is no time too early or too late to take care of your dental and orthodontic health. We work closely with our patients of all ages to treat a range of needs. Schedule appointments with our doctors for your whole family. No matter your age, we have a plan that will be right for you!

With all the growing your child does, it can be hard to know if they need additional dental care. That’s why the American Association of Orthodontists recommends your child visit an orthodontist at seven. This may seem young, but at this age, your child’s mix of adult and baby teeth tells us important things about their bite and future growth. Even if your child’s smile looks straight, there may be other dental issues under the surface. If your child requires additional care, you are in the right place! Give yourself peace of mind and give your child a smile that will last a lifetime.

Whether you once received braces and your teeth have shifted, or whether this is your first time considering orthodontics, adult orthodontic and dental care can be life-changing. We offer adult patients options that are reliable, discreet, and efficient. Plus, our staff will work to improve your smile on your schedule.


Importance of a Great Smile

Not only do pearly-white, aligned teeth look great, but they can also improve your dental health! Specialized dentistry, like orthodontics, is focused on both health and aesthetics. An aligned smile protects your teeth from daily wear-and-tear that crooked or crowded teeth can leave vulnerable. Your everyday dental care routine is quicker and more effective, as straight teeth reduce the number of nooks-and-crannies where bacteria can hide. Regular dentistry is a must to fight cavities on your journey to your best grin; don’t skip dental exams while undergoing treatment.

In addition, an unhealthy bite can put unnecessary strain on your teeth, jaws, and on your temporomandibular joint. This greatly increases your risk for temporomandibular disorders (TMD) that can cause stiffness, pain, and migraines. Your temporomandibular joint connects bones to the jaw and is essential for eating and speaking. With orthodontics, Dr. Hutta and Dr. Price can lessen this strain and reduce your risk for TMD.

Award-Winning Columbus Care

We are proud and honored to have been recognized for several years as providers of top-quality orthodontics based on patient satisfaction. We love forging relationships and sharing smiles in the Blacklick community and beyond!

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Ready to perfect your smile? Book a complimentary consultation in our office today. After a thorough examination, Dr. Hutta and Dr. Price will develop a plan for you. We will happily walk you through everything you need to know about our services and your options so that you are fully confident with the next steps in your smile journey. Our staff looks forward to meeting you!

For patients leading on-the-go lives, we are happy to offer virtual consultations. Through the virtual consultation tab on our website, just snap a few pictures of your teeth and answer a few questions about your preferences. Our staff will then contact you with your personalized plan—no appointment required!