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Braces For Kids Gahanna Ohio

At Hutta and Price in Gahanna, Ohio, we understand the importance of providing people of all ages with high-quality orthodontic care—especially young patients whose teeth are still settling into place! You may have some questions about the right orthodontic treatment for your child. That’s why we’ve compiled this comprehensive guide on braces for children to help you make the best choices for your child’s smile.

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Why choose orthodontics?

Orthodontics are essential for ensuring the dental health of both children and adults. While your child likely visits the dentist regularly, orthodontics can help to improve their jaw, tooth, and overall oral health. Orthodontists use dental techniques like braces and Invisalign to give every patient a smile that they love, no matter their age.

Your first visit to the orthodontist

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children visit the office of a trusted orthodontist before they reach age seven. While this may seem young, at seven years old many children have a mix of baby and adult teeth, which enables orthodontists to address any dental issues that may arise in childhood. The earlier your child visits the orthodontist’s office, the earlier they can help to ensure your child’s dental health.

Orthodontics for children can be helpful for those with common oral issues, such as jaw misalignment or tooth crowding. Although most children’s teeth take a few years to align, if you’ve noticed significant irregularities in their smile, it might be time to visit an orthodontist’s office.

Every patient is different, and there is no one “right” age for children to receive braces. However, children who get braces between the ages of 10 and 14 often see the most dental benefits because they receive treatment while their teeth are still coming into alignment. Your orthodontist can help to determine whether your child is a good candidate for braces by examining their teeth and their dentistry history.

At Hutta and Price in Gahanna, we offer a wide variety of options to straighten kids’ teeth. If your child needs braces, they can select from a number of types, including clear or ceramic braces, Damon braces, and Insignia braces. All of these options gradually straighten teeth in a safe and healthy manner. In addition to braces, we also provide clear aligners such as Invisalign that give patients straighter smiles with a more discreet look.

Every kid has different dental and oral needs, so it’s important to visit your orthodontist’s office for a consultation, where they will help you to determine the best choice for your child. Although braces are safe for nearly all children, consulting a trained dental professional will help you to make a more informed decision about your child’s care.

Children may wear braces for less than a year, or for more than a few years—it all depends on their unique smile. Your dental provider will be able to give you more specific details about your child’s individual treatment plan. Fortunately, braces work 24/7, making them a faster and more effective dental treatment—they even straighten your smile while you sleep!

You should take care of your teeth in the same way you would without braces: make sure to brush them before going to sleep at night and after waking up in the morning, floss regularly, drink lots of water, practice good oral hygiene, and avoid sticky, chewy foods that may harm your dental health. If a problem arises or your child begins to experience pain, contact your orthodontist’s office as soon as possible.
braces for kids

Braces provide clear dental benefits

Braces are beneficial for helping kids to smile more comfortably and confidently. Straightening teeth with braces often helps to alleviate oral pain and improves the appearance of a patient’s smile. Braces can help to improve jaw alignment issues such as an overbite or underbite, adjust teeth that have grown into the wrong places, and address any extra teeth your child may have as a result of irregular growth.

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Healthy teeth and a happy smile

For many children dentistry can feel intimidating. If your child dislikes going to the dentist, they’re not alone! At Hutta and Price, we cultivate a warm and welcoming environment so that your child will feel secure from the beginning of their first office visit. They’ll complete their orthodontics journey with healthy teeth and a healthier, happier smile!

Visit Hutta & Price in Gahanna, Ohio

We prioritize patient satisfaction at Hutta and Price. Our office in Gahanna, Ohio makes it convenient for patients in the Columbus and greater Ohio areas to find an orthodontic practice they trust. We specialize in orthodontics for both children and adults, so whether you’re seeking care for yourself or for your family, Hutta and Price has the tools you need. In addition to braces, we also offer Invisalign, cosmetic procedures to straighten smiles, and whitening services.

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Orthodontic Care for Kids

At Hutta and Price, you can trust that your children will be in good hands. Book an appointment at our Gahanna, Ohio office today, or call us at (614) 855-8800 to schedule a dental consultation! We offer both virtual and in-person consultations at our office, so patients can opt for whatever makes them feel most comfortable.