Having a beautiful smile is always in high demand. There is a team of people who work together to keep your smile shiny bright—your dentist, your orthodontist, and you. You brush and floss your teeth regularly, your dentist watches for general tooth and mouth health concerns and thoroughly cleans your teeth, and your orthodontist ensures your oral health by realigning your teeth to further improve your smile. However, some dentists have lately been taking quick courses in an attempt to learn how to fit their patients with teeth realigning devices like Invisalign. This is a dangerous trend, because while dentists are qualified to take care of your overall oral health, orthodontia is a highly specialized field that requires more education and training in order to take care of the alignment of your smile.

In order to learn this specialty, orthodontists must go to school for over 10 years after they graduate from high school. After completing their undergraduate degree, they must apply for and be accepted to a four-year dental school. After successfully earning their dentistry degree, orthodontists must then complete two or three more years of training specifically in orthodontia practice. In comparison, some dentists who want to offer services like Invisalign, simply take a quick online tutorial accompanied by a ½ day class. This method of training cannot compare to the extra two or three years of experience and training orthodontists receive to realign your teeth. In order to properly take care of your smile, it is necessary to make sure that a certified orthodontist provides any orthodontic treatment you receive.

Many people view orthodontia as simply a cosmetic improvement to your smile, but having orthodontic work done is often necessary to maintain health of your smile. Having correctly aligned teeth makes it easier to clean them, reduces the risk of gum disease, can reduce chronic headache and jaw pain, and improves the overall health of your mouth. Because the alignment of your teeth is so connected with the rest of your body, realigning your teeth is not as simple as it sounds; it requires a thorough knowledge of how the teeth fit into the gums so that the gums are not damaged when the teeth are moved. If someone without proper training and knowledge realigns your teeth, your gums may become irreparably damaged and you could experience major health concerns in the future.

While straighter teeth can give you an even more beautiful smile, correctly aligned teeth are essential to a healthy mouth. Don’t leave the health of your smile in the hands of anyone who is not properly trained. Your dentist and orthodontist should work together to give you a beautiful and healthy smile.