Smiles are our most memorable feature, so why not make them as healthy, beautiful, and aligned as can be? Unfortunately for some patients, misalignment—either caused naturally or by failing to wear a retainer after orthodontic treatment—can interfere with smile confidence. While a full orthodontic treatment may be the best solution for these issues, many patients may not be able to fully justify the expenses or intensity of treatment that come along with braces.

Luckily, we’ve created Smile Envy 3D, our latest service that provides patients with a beautiful smile touch-up—all under the close supervision of Dr. Hutta or Dr. Price. With Smile Envy 3D, we can help you obtain a faster, convenient, and less costly smile adjustment, giving you the beautiful transformation you deserve.

What is Smile Envy 3D?

By choosing Smile Envy 3D you are investing in a safe, streamlined orthodontic process that can touch up your smile with custom-made clear aligners. Compared to traditional comprehensive treatment options, the Smile Envy 3D process is faster, less costly, and requires fewer orthodontic visits—without sacrificing the expert, individualized care brought to you by Board Certified orthodontists.

To set you up with your best smile, we make a 3D digital scan of your teeth, then use our 3D printing labs to create your custom, clear aligners—technology we have been using for many years! After printing your clear aligners, you will receive a personalized plan to map out your smile transformation, including a few short follow-up appointments to ensure that your teeth are aligning healthily and beautifully according to plan. In the meantime, you’ll be free to live your life normally, knowing that your smile is being transformed all the while!

In addition to the benefits of a streamlined orthodontic process, Smile Envy 3D also offers patients the benefit of a discreet and convenient, yet dramatic, smile touch-up. Using clear, removable aligners, patients have the ability to remove aligners during mealtimes and teeth cleaning to ensure seamless integration of Smile Envy 3D into their daily lives. With clear aligner treatment, some people may not even notice when you are wearing your Smile Envy 3D aligners trays.

If you are ready for a smile transformation but aren’t sure that a comprehensive orthodontic treatment is right for you, call us today to schedule an appointment. With Smile Envy 3D, patients of all backgrounds can explore the benefits of a smile touch-up—enjoying the perks of a rejuvenated smile with lower costs and fewer time commitments. If you want to learn if you are a good candidate for this treatment, call us at (614) 855-8800. Our friendly staff looks forward to helping you perfect your smile with the expert help of our specialists.