Playing a sport is one of the great joys of growing up. Sports can build confidence, develop character and create an unbreakable bond for a team of players. We love hearing about our patients’ amazing sports accolades and wins during their appointments. And we also love helping them stay safe on the field. That is why we offer to create mouth guards for our patients and their entire team free of charge.

Whenever an athlete hits the field or court, there are risks that go along with the fun. A blow to the mouth could result in chipped or broken teeth or a cut to the lip. With the right protection, we’ll ensure you can play hard while keeping that beautiful smile intact.

At our office, we can create the right protection for your sport, whether it’s a custom made mouth guard (perfect for patients who have their braces off) or a store-bought mouth guard that we’ll help fit (perfect for patients with braces). We can even create mouth guards in your school colors for extra school spirit.

Whatever your needs, we’ll make sure you hit the field without hurting your teeth. Call our office at 855-8800 to schedule an appointment for yourself or your entire team. We cannot wait to see you and wish you good luck on your season!