A new year has begun and it’s time to start thinking about the year ahead. If you’re looking for a health and confidence-boosting resolution, orthodontic treatment could be right for you. Whether you forgot to wear your retainer as a teen or you’re eager to try orthodontics for the first time, there is a treatment option waiting for you. 


The power of a beautiful smile is undeniable. You can light up a room with a grin and catch someone’s eye. But straight teeth are not only important for boosting your appearance. Easier cleaning, a better bite, increased smile confidence, and improved mouth function are some of the many health benefits that come with treatment.


Gone are the days where straightening your teeth meant years of headgear and a metal mouth. From Invisalign® to Damon Clear, there are many ways to perfect your smile while tackling your orthodontic needs.

  • Invisalign: Extremely popular with adults, Invisalign is extremely discreet and flexible with your lifestyle. The clear trays are nearly invisible to the eye, allowing you to improve your smile without being too noticeable. The custom-fit trays must be removed at mealtimes, which means that, unlike with other treatment options, you have the ability to eat freely without fear of food getting trapped in your braces. Just brush your teeth and pop your trays back in for hassle-free treatment!
  • Smile Envy 3D: Smile Envy 3D is the perfect option for a quick smile touch-up if you forgot to wear your retainer years ago. With fewer appointments and a lower cost, these clear trays are suitable for those who only need a touch-up rather than a full orthodontic treatment.
  • Damon Clear: The discreet appearance of Damon Clear Braces makes it a very popular option among adults. Using sliding door brackets, your teeth are moved very precisely into place—without unhygienic and uncomfortable elastics. Working with your body using thermal sensitive copper nickel-titanium, Damon Braces deliver exceptional results while also staying discreet.