At James T. Hutta Orthodontics, we know that life is busy! That’s why we’re so excited to launch SmileSnap, a virtual consultation service on our website that can be completed from the convenience of your own home. If you are considering transforming your smile with orthodontics, you know that finding time to research treatment options and schedule appointments can be difficult. With SmileSnap, you will receive the customized feedback you deserve without taking time out of your busy schedule. Simply fill out the SmileSnap questionnaire and upload several photos of your teeth. Then, we’ll send you an orthodontic treatment plan tailored to your needs and preferences, so you can learn about your potential smile transformation—no strings attached!

The SmileSnap Process

Step 1:

When you enter our SmileSnap virtual consultation, you’ll be guided through a short questionnaire that asks for your basic information and overall smile goals. By ranking important financial and care considerations, describing your smile needs, and telling us your treatment preferences, we’ll gather all the information we need to create your customized treatment plan.

Step 2:

Next, you’ll upload several pictures of your teeth and bite for our experts to evaluate, following SmileSnap’s easy instructions. You can take these photos yourself, either with a phone or a computer webcam—whatever is easiest for you! The various angles needed are simple to capture, and SmileSnap has helpful videos for anyone who may need extra guidance. Once your photos are uploaded, your part of the virtual consultation is complete. All you have to do is wait for our feedback!

Step 3:

Our orthodontists will examine your pictures, treatment preferences, and information from the virtual consultation to devise the perfect smile treatment plan for you. Then, we’ll email or text you our treatment recommendation—complete with pricing, estimated treatment length, and more. With this information in mind, you can make a fully informed decision regarding the next steps of your potential smile transformation journey!

Ready to try SmileSnap?

Click the virtual consultation widget above to receive all the benefits of a traditional consultation—but, conveniently, at home! And if you love your SmileSnap consultation results, call us at 614-855-8800 to schedule an appointment and make your virtual treatment plan a reality.