Everyone thinks of braces as being a rite of passage for adolescents. They have graced the yearbook photos of elementary and middle school aged students for decades, but we are seeing more and more adults in our exam chairs lately. Why is this? Lots of adults think that it doesn’t matter if they have perfectly straight teeth for the rest of their lives, but not having straight teeth can bring on a multitude of problems you might not expect. Braces can help correct any discomfort you have when you chew, chronic headaches and other chronic bodily pain, trouble breathing through the nose, irregular tooth erosion, and they can help prevent premature aging of the entire face. Furthermore, straightened, non-crooked teeth are easier to clean so you will have a reduced risk of contracting gum disease, and you will have better breath. Clearly braces are a win across the board!

Are you suffering with any of these issues? Are you unsure of why you’ve been experiencing pain or discomfort? It might not be hunching over a desk, lawn mowing, child carrying, exercise, or other daily activities that are causing you chronic pain. The fix you need might come from orthodontic treatment. An article on the tells the story of actor Nigel Planer who suffered from symptoms like these for most of his life. After being examined by his orthodontist and fitted with a special brace for one year his pain virtually vanished. If this story reminds you of yourself, make an appointment with our office to see if your problems could be fixed this easily.

How do you know if you should visit us to correct any of these issues? Do a little self-evaluation; if your teeth aren’t straight that is always a good reason to come into our office, but if you are suffering from any of the previously mentioned problems you should still call for a consultation! Your dentist will also be able to determine if you should start visiting our office. Because our consultations are complimentary, there is no loss to making an appointment and getting checked out.

Technology in the orthodontic field has improved in leaps and bounds over the past few years, with more comfortable and effective treatment options that lead to lasting results. The old, standard length of treatment deters many people from pursuing treatment, but these new technologies have drastically cut down on this time, meaning you could get your new beautiful smile more quickly than ever before. With a treatment method like Invisalign, your life would be virtually uninterrupted by your treatment – you would still be able to eat any foods you want, and because Invisalign is practically invisible, no one would be able to tell you were receiving treatment. Today’s braces fit in so much better with your daily routine; they are more comfortable than ever, with far less frequent visits to the orthodontist. There is even braces-friendly popcorn now so you don’t have to give up your favorite snack. The benefits of treatment far outweigh any costs. If you are experiencing any of the issues outlined in this post, call our office at 614-855-8800 to book your appointment today and see the super healing power of braces for yourself!