At 27, I looked in the mirror after brushing my teeth one day and to my great disappointment, I realized my teeth had really shifted. My amazing orthodontist, Dr. James Hutta, had warned me about this when I was done with treatment. “Your teeth have memory. Always wear your retainer,” he told me. I started out with the best intentions. But a missed night here and there turned into many missed nights until I gave up all together.

I knew getting traditional braces was out of the question for me but I had seen commercials for Invisalign and was intrigued by the idea of invisible braces. So I made a call to Dr. Hutta’s office and scheduled a consultation. Dr. Hutta and his staff were as warm, friendly and knowledgeable as I remembered from my teenage years and I felt I was in the right hands to bring back my confident smile. He created the Invisalign trays for me and in a matter a few months, my smile was really beginning to take shape.

Here are the top 5 reasons I’m so glad I chose Invisalign with Dr. Hutta and why you should consider it too!

1)    Invisalign is invisible
I did not want to relive my awkward teenage braces years as a career-driven woman. I was so happy to find that Invisalign really did become completely invisible to people around me. My husband, co-workers and friends could never tell when I had the trays in or when I had them out. And most people never even noticed! I once spent a long-weekend with my in-laws and had to point out at the end of the visit that I was even wearing Invisalign. They had no idea.

2)    I could eat what I wanted
My number one passion in life is food and with Invisalign, I was able to eat anything I wanted. All the caramels and hard candies that were off limits during my first round with braces were fine to eat with Invisalign! I was free to take my trays out and eat normally.

3)    Less trips to the orthodontist
I absolutely adore Dr. Hutta and his wonderful staff, but it was so freeing to not have to come into their office every few weeks for tightening. Once the trays were made, I was on a schedule to trade out my trays every two weeks. I only had to go into the office to make sure my progress was on track. This was incredibly helpful since I’m a busy professional with a jam-packed schedule.

4)    Invisalign is comfortable
I had very little pain or discomfort with Invisalign. No brackets scraping against my gums or wires hurting my teeth. With Invisalign, I can honestly say that I only had a little bit of soreness when I would change the trays but that only lasted for 24 hours. After the first day of a new tray, it was always smooth sailing!

5)    Maintained good hygiene
I’m big on dental hygiene. I literally cannot even think about falling asleep at night without brushing and flossing my teeth and with Invisalign, I was able to keep up my dental hygiene routine with ease. Food particles can get caught in braces but with the Invisalign trays, I would eat and then brush my teeth before reinserting the trays.

For me, Invisalign was the “clear” choice for my second round of teeth straightening and I’m so glad I went through treatment at Dr. Hutta’s office. His level of care and the results I got are second to none. I absolutely love my smile and I’m so happy that I chose to straighten my teeth with Dr. Hutta.