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(5 stars) Outstanding Service

“The entire experience was wonderful!” — Aleaha

(5 stars) Highly recommended

“I wish all my providers were as efficient, polite, and amazing as this staff.” — Gina

(5 stars) Dr. Hutta and staff

“Everyone is so friendly and helpful; makes you seem right at home. The right place to be to have treatment done.” — Christopher C.

(5 stars) Very Satisfied

“I think your whole approach and execution is exactly right. I have come to expect timely, excellent service and have never been disappointed. I have heard of people shopping for lower-cost orthodontists, but I would not consider going elsewhere.” — Megan

(5 stars) Service

“Dr. Hutta himself sits down and answers all your questions and makes you understand. So nice when you don’t feel like you are rushed in and out, and by the time you leave the office you feel lost. Dr. Hutta and his staff are so nice and our family would always see him and refer his office to anyone and everyone that is looking for a doctor like him.” — Brandon R.

(5 stars) Super Pleased

“Dr. Hutta has an awesome practice! From the time you walk in, you feel welcome and are well taken care of. The atmosphere is inviting and clean. The staff is friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. I’m glad we chose Dr. Hutta and would highly recommend!” — Adam B.

(5 stars) Excellent

“Top-notch organization! The best orthodontist in Central Ohio coupled with an excellent, organized, and efficient staff equals many happy customers. I know when I enter Dr. Hutta’s practice that my children are getting the best possible care, and that I will always be treated with respect. My satisfaction with your practice could not be matched.” — Kai H.

(5 stars) Excellent

“Just got my braces on this week and they really aren’t that bad, even as an adult. Customer service is wonderful. Beth and Dr. Hutta are a delight, and made my visit actually fun, which is unusual when you are an adult getting braces back on again after having them 35 years ago. Highly recommend Dr. Hutta.” — Anonymous

(5 stars) The BEST Experience Ever!!!

“The office setting was great and the staff was even better! It felt very welcoming ... not like a dentist office at all. I really appreciated that they took the time to give me all of the treatment options that were available. I would recommend everyone I know to go to this office!!” — Christin B.

(5 stars) Perfect as always

“Every time I visit Dr. Hutta’s office, I am confident that I will be cared for, no matter what the situation is. I’m never afraid or dread going in. They are gentle and caring with me. I would recommend Dr. Hutta’s office to all of my friends! Thank you, Dr. Hutta!” — Ashley A.

(5 stars) Getting a new smile from Dr. Hutta!

“When I was told I needed braces, I kind of freaked out. I did a lot of research and made appointments at two different orthodontists to get as much info as possible. I felt relaxed and comfortable at my consult with Dr. Hutta. He and Beth gave me so much useful info and answered all my questions. I left with a folder with my pictures, my X-rays, and cost and financing for my treatment plan. At my second consult with a different orthodontist, the doctor just took a few measurements, looked at my teeth, and discussed options and cost. I got a business card from the dental assistant and I wrote down the cost, etc., on the back of the card. That is the only info I left there with. Talk about night and day! To top it all off, they were even more expensive than Dr. Hutta, and didn’t offer nearly the same level of treatment. I will go out of my way to recommend Dr. Hutta to anyone that needs any type of orthodontic treatment. I went from being nervous about braces to getting excited to see what kind of magic Dr. Hutta could perform.” — Erin N.

(5 stars) Excellent Office

“I loved the atmosphere, it was calm and very clean, the staff was really polite and professional, they offered refreshments, and they even had a nice section where you can brush your teeth. I have been to a few offices before, but none of the ever exceeded my expectations like Dr. Hutta and his staff. I can’t wait to go back!” — Jachelle Mitchell

(5 stars) Exceptional Service

“Customer service was exceptional from the moment I called Dr. Hutta’s office to inquire about services for my son. I was not disappointed when we arrived. From the receptionist to the doctor himself, we were treated as though we were the only patient there.” — Dawn H.

(5 stars) friendly staff!

“I am very happy that we went with Dr. Hutta for my daughter’s orthodontic treatment. The entire staff is very friendly and professional.” — Jennifer

(5 stars) Nothing less than perfection!

“Everyone in your office is exceedingly friendly and professional. It is a pleasure coming to your office, because everything is extremely organized and everyone is always happy.” — Megan H.

(5 stars) Always top notch and professional!

“I always enjoy our visits to this orthodontic office! Everything is up to date with state-of-the-art equipment and techniques, and the staff are very friendly and professional to my children as well as to me. Dr. Hutta really expects a meticulous experience, and that is what is delivered, visit after visit. One of my sons has multiple disabilities, and they are always very accommodating and wonderful with him. I would highly recommend this orthodontic practice; it is my measuring bar for any other medical/dental office!” — Staci T.

(5 stars) yes

“Our experience with Dr. Hutta’s office has been fabulous. Our children are seeing results and we look forward to beautiful teeth when our treatment is complete.” — Vincent

(5 stars) Friendly, Professional Service and Outstanding Care

“My children and I are treated with friendly and professional courtesy every time we arrive for an appointment. We started Dr. Hutta’s treatment for my oldest son several years ago. We came back for treatment for child numbers two and three, and now working on number four. We value Dr. Hutta and his staff and highly recommend him to all our family and friends.” — Alyssa B.

(5 stars) Best Ortho Office

“Dr. Hutta and his staff really have the stuff together. My daughter is a current patient and every time we enter the office we are greeted with warm, friendly smiles. Not fake smiles, either: everyone seems to really enjoy their jobs. His office is always so nice and put together. The staff are not only patient friendly, but they seem to enjoy each other as well and are always eager to help one another. Way to go, Dr. Hutta, with what you have going on in the office, you get an A+ from our family. I would definitely refer anyone that is interested in orthodontics.” — Leah S.

 (5 stars) A little nervous ...

“My daughter is so nervous about the orthodontist and getting a treatment plan. Dr. Hutta and his staff have done a spectacular job of addressing her fears. They talk to her like she is an adult and explain to her in detail what is going to happen. They always take the time to answer ALL of her questions and never ever make her feel like she shouldn’t feel the way she does! Such an awesome staff and experience every time we go!” — Stella B.

(5 stars) Excellent service

“As always, an excellent experience, from cleanliness of the office to the friendly and professional staff.” — Addison C.

 (5 stars) Wonderful experience

“I absolutely love the people at Dr. Hutta’s office! Everyone there either met or exceeded our expectations. By the end of the initial appointment, we felt we connected with all of the workers in the office. I would recommend Dr. Hutta to any adult or child that needed an orthodontist.” — Anonymous

(5 stars) Braces for the Whole Family

“Dr. James Hutta’s office is amazing! He has provided braces for my kids with amazing results. So amazing that I decided to get braces too! And what’s cool is, he did the clear braces and they were so invisible that people who see me every day did not even notice for over two weeks! I’m excited to hear people say ‘Love That Smile!’ Thank you, Dr. Hutta!” — Thad W.

 (5 stars) Dr. James Hutta Personable and Professional

“Thanks for your professional care and attention to every detail. You and your staff were exceptional.” — Terry H.

(5 stars) A positive and promising first consultation

“As we began our search for an orthodontist for our nine-year-old son, we started with Dr. James Hutta, one of the recommendations from our pediatric dentist, Scott Nieman, DDS. After such a great first visit with Dr. Hutta and all of his office staff, we do not find it necessary to look any further. Everyone was tuned into our son ... speaking to him (not at him) and patiently answering all of the questions he had. He is very excited to start the process of braces, and he is looking forward to the hot chocolate that they always have available.” — Luka G.

 (5 stars) Simply the best orthodontic care

“Dr. Hutta and his team take orthodontic care to the highest level. Their team is friendly and professional. I know I am getting care that is using the most current technology and standards of treatment. This experience at Dr. Hutta’s is simply exceptional for people of every age. Our whole family loves this doctor and loves that smile!” — Anne R.

(5 stars)   Appointment? Nah, appointments are boring. This isn’t.

“When I’m told that I have an appointment to go back to Dr. Hutta for my appointment, I don’t see it as a drag, as I see most appointments. Dr. Hutta is close by, and I get in and out in minimal time, which makes it less time-consuming so I have time to get other things done. When I go to Dr. Hutta’s, I always hear the things I like, such as ‘we are right on track,’ or ‘looking good.’ To me, that means that I am well on my way to getting my braces off. Dr. Hutta’s office always just has such a good vibe from when I walk in the door to the time I leave. Everyone does their job peacefully, and in a relaxed and friendly manner, so I don’t feel like I’m supposed to put on a show for them or anything. Overall, going to see Dr. Hutta isn’t an appointment for me, because appointments are boring. It’s more like visiting a friend and getting a reminder that my time for ‘perfect teeth’ is coming soon.” — Brian C.

★★★★★ Best in town!

“If you are looking for an amazing orthodontist, please consider a visit to Dr. Hutta of Gahanna, Ohio. The office is beautiful and even has video games for waiting siblings. The financial coordinators do a great job explaining treatment and cost. The staff is friendly and very efficient. As a matter of fact, I often hear other moms talk about how long they were in their orthodontist’s offices with their kids and feeling like they were being herded in like cattle! Not so at Dr. Hutta’s office. I have never had to wait more than a few minutes and the reception area is never overfilled with waiting clients. The kids have had a great experience and with one completed and the other nearly complete, I can say I am glad we ended up here! We travel a little distance, with orthodontic offices right down the road from where we live, but it is worth the drive! Dr. Hutta does an amazing job of being involved in the community, as well. He gives back by supporting many teams and organizations. I can only say give them a try. I am confident that you will not be disappointed!” — Hannah Y.

★★★★★ Simply the best!

“Dr. Hutta’s entire staff is courteous and professional. You are greeted by smiles as soon as you enter his office. It’s awesome knowing my daughter is in such capable and caring hands!” — Corbyn A.

★★★★★ The results were excellent.

“Dr. Hutta and his staff are very professional and friendly. I am pleased with the treatment that my children have received from Dr. Hutta. Their experience was very positive and the results were excellent. I am now receiving treatment and look forward to my results. I would recommend Dr. Hutta.” — Sarah

★★★★★ We love that smile

“We feel that we receive excellent treatment every time we come into the office.” — By Jacob

★★★★★ Dr. Hutta is AWESOME!

“I am now in Phase II of my braces. Everything has gone great and everything is explained in detail so you know what’s going to happen.” — Brandon

★★★★★ Top professional care and make you feel at home ...

“Dr. Hutta was recommended to me by friends and professionals around the city. I receive excellent care during my checkups and Dr. Hutta makes sure to explain every step of my treatment. But what really impressed me about the office is how friendly, warm, and professional his staff is. By my second appointment, the staff that treated me previously remembered me and my name! Orthodontics is not cheap. The service and treatment I receive at Dr. Hutta’s office is well worth the investment!” — Steven W.

★★★★★ The best orthodontist in the world

“I love how my teeth look and love to go to see Dr. Hutta. My brother and I are always treated so well by everybody. Everybody should go to Dr. Hutta.” — Andrew J.

★★★★★ Amazing!

“Dr. Hutta would definitely be the best place to go for braces! Everyone is so friendly and always so smiley!” — Hannah

★★★★★ Quality Service from Excellent Providers

“Excellent, courteous, and efficient service in a relaxing, stress-free environment. Dr. Hutta is the BEST! Great attention to details. His staff members are very friendly and accommodating, and make one feel like you are with family. The office is very pleasant and relaxing, and when I bring my son in, I am secretly hoping that I get to sit for a while and enjoy the ambience, but that never happens, as they are very efficient.” — Shawn

★★★★★ First Meeting

“I was given Dr. Hutta’s name by a friend. Everyone that I talked to seem to know of him and said how nice he was. When I called for an appointment, I was not rushed and they took the time to listen to my needs. Upon arriving for my appointment and talking to the staff and Dr. Hutta, I was completely at ease. I actually look forward to my next appointment.” — Anonymous

★★★★★ Excellent first visit

“Everyone was genuinely friendly and helpful; my questions were answered before they were even asked. The tour of the facility was a nice touch. Dr. Hutta and Mary Lee were very personable, professional, and communicated a clear plan of care. I would recommend my family and friends to Dr. Hutta.” — Maureen B.

★★★★★ How Awesome!

“Dr. Hutta’s office is always so happy and fun. I do not feel nervous about coming in to get my teeth worked on. The staff always are so nice.” — Sarah R.

★★★★★ Outstanding Service

“My oldest children became Dr. Hutta’s patients in 2002. Now, I am a patient, and soon my younger children will be patients as well. I cannot say enough about the quality of care that we receive at Dr. Hutta’s office. We have four children, and we have seen our share of doctors, dentists, etc. Dr. Hutta’s office is the only one that I have been to where every person on the staff is friendly, courteous, and professional every time we have an appointment. Not only is Dr. Hutta an excellent orthodontist, but he is also one of the nicest and kindest people I have ever met. We relocated out of Columbus, and we drive about an hour and forty-five minutes each way to go to our appointments because we would not go to any other orthodontist.” — Kimberly M.

★★★★★ Great Expectations!

“Wearing Invisalign Teen® has been a great experience! It’s so convenient to pop them out for eating or brushing. My appointments are always fast and painless and my smile looks better already. I have and will continue to recommend Dr. Hutta to my friends!” — Lauren

★★★★★ Amazing!

“You guys are amazing!” – Ashton L.

★★★★★ Dr. James T. Hutta

“If you are looking for a friendly, great customer service-oriented and reasonably priced orthodontist in the Columbus, Ohio area, look no farther. Dr. Hutta and his staff are awesome when it comes to customer service. They take time with each customer to ensure your questions are answered. They don’t try to sell you something your child does not need. I have many friends that feel the same way who have used Dr. Hutta’s services. You need to look here first and save yourself some time and effort.” — Sierra

★★★★★ The Best Orthodontist Ever

“Professional, friendly, exceptional service, and gentle. Just a few words when describing Dr. Hutta and staff. Thank you.” — Melane

★★★★★ Don’t be nervous

“As a mother of two that needed orthodontic care, I had no idea what to expect. The kids were very nervous and apprehensive about getting braces. From the start, Dr. Hutta and the staff not only explained everything to me, but included my children and answered all of their questions too. They now have no fears about their braces, and are VERY EXCITED to see the end results of their beautiful smiles. Thank you!!” — Dylan

★★★★★ Exceptional service!

“We were referred by a friend and are glad we chose Dr. Hutta and his staff. We have been treated like we are family. I would highly recommend!” — Sophia

★★★★★ Great service, caring staff

“Dr. Hutta and his team are great. From the moment you walk in at the front desk to each specialist that works with you, till Dr. Hutta sees you, you can feel confident that they are taking great care of your needs. They are professional, friendly and genuinely interested in helping you achieve a great outcome for your smile.” — Dave W.

★★★★★ Best orthodontist in town!!

“We’ve taken all four of our children to Dr. Hutta. They are a wonderful group of people that are committed to customer service. In all the years I’ve taken my children, I’ve never had to wait long to be seen. Dr. Hutta is extremely personable and friendly; I would recommend him to anyone!” — Micah F.

★★★★★ Great Experience

“Thanks to everyone at Dr. Hutta’s office for a great experience. It wasn’t an easy decision to get braces as an adult, but the entire staff made it very painless and a smooth process.” — Nathan S.

★★★★★ Better than all others ...

“I have nothing but rave reviews for the Hutta offices. Every visit is met with an organized and helpful staff member. I have never had to wait for any unexpected or unreasonable amount of time, and all employees have the same happy and helpful attitude. There is no area that I could recommend an improvement for, and I can usually find something. Not only would I highly recommend this orthodontist, but I find myself bragging about what a great doctor he is to my friends. Excellent work!” — Clarisse H.

★★★★★ One office! One doctor!

“After previous orthodontics and all the advertising in the media, I can honestly say that I look forward to the distant drives for my children’s orthodontic needs. One office and one doctor means there will be no miscommunication among doctors regarding treatment or costs, and one office means that I can make appointments in an acceptable amount of time! Also, walking out of the office with a detailed plan of expenses allows my one-income family to plan and prepare for each child’s needs. My husband and I appreciate the forwardness and upfront written details that we received on the first visit .... What a concept in today’s era!” — Emily

★★★★★ Best ever

“Wow! What a wonderful practice! Kind, loving and beyond helpful! The whole office is a joy! They made my son who fears the dentist ASK to go see Dr. HUTTA and his staff.” — Parker R.

★★★★★ Best Orthodontics Ever!!

“Dr. Hutta and his staff are very friendly and helpful!” — Tyree J.

★★★★★ Our first visit

“This was our first visit and everyone was so warm and friendly. They were all very professional. We will definitely be back to start the process for braces.” — Skyler

★★★★★ Best Orthodontist Columbus Ohio

“Dr. James Hutta is the best orthodontist in the Columbus, Ohio area. His team is amazing and they make your kids feel good about getting braces. They’re so good that I’m even considering getting braces now myself. If you’re looking for a great experience, with a great office, all lead by a super-great orthodontist, then Dr. Jim Hutta is the place to go.” — Thad W.

★★★★★ Excellent Customer Service

“Loved how we were treated, from the time we walked in until the time we left!” — Deja C.

★★★★★ Dr. Hutta is Awesome!

“My experience with my braces was wonderful. I was scared at first, but Dr. Hutta and staff make you feel really comfortable and at ease. I am pleased with my smile and would refer friends and family.” — Ramona


“While I am slightly biased, having worked for Dr. Hutta, I find my review valuable to the incoming patients. I worked for Dr. Hutta many years ago when he was just starting out. I am here to attest that he hasn’t changed his work ethic one bit since starting out. Even though his practice has grown leaps and bounds, he is still dedicated to providing a memorable and personable experience with each patient. I wouldn’t have thought about taking my own children anywhere else.” — Leo S.

Amazing Experience!

“Simply stated, everyone is friendly, professional, and the service is efficient. The experience has been very easy and convenient. Plus, they worked with my financial situation to make my dream of having a beautiful smile for my wedding day come true. The best part is the tremendous increase in my level of self-confidence. I always smile now and feel more beautiful than I ever have; I’m so deeply grateful to Dr. James Hutta for making that happen.” — Abby

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