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Here at Hutta & Price Orthodontics, we understand that our patients’ comfort is paramount. To make you feel as comfortable, safe, and welcome as possible, please enjoy this slideshow we’ve created for both long-term and prospective patients. In addition, please feel free to schedule an appointment or simply walk in for a complete tour of our practice.

We take great pride in the number of services we provide and in the technology behind our outstanding treatments. You’ll witness that pride firsthand during one of our readily given office tours. During the tour, you’ll meet our staff and find them happy to answer any questions you have about the devices you see and our typical procedures.

Conveniently located in Gahanna, we’re able to service the local community as well as the wider Columbus area. Patients appreciate the family-like feel of our practice, and we enjoy witnessing friends and neighbors running into each other in our waiting room!

Our talented staff works hard to cultivate and maintain an atmosphere that is clearly oriented toward our patients’ satisfaction. Whether you’re a new patient or a long-time regular, we look forward to seeing you smiling your best and brightest!



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