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At Hutta & Price Orthodontics, we’re committed to offering our patients only the best quality service and care options. When it comes to braces, that means that we turn to Damon.

Damon Smile braces set themselves apart from traditional braces in that they’re smaller and utilize an open-shut door mechanism. This makes them more comfortable for patients. Further, the elimination of elastic ties means that only the optimum amount of pressure is placed on each tooth, and the sliding door brackets ensure that teeth movement occurs in precisely the right direction to ensure a gorgeous smile.

The wiring of Damon Smile braces is composed of copper nickel titanium. The composition of the wiring makes them sensitive to thermal changes, meaning that wiring can sense when your mouth is warm and when it is cool. Because of this advanced technology, our patients here at Hutta & Price Orthodontics can expect to spend less time in braces and more time beaming their best and brightest smile!

Damon Smile for Adults

A Customized Smile Just for You

Damon Smile was developed based on the philosophy that every beautiful smile is unique. This merges well with our personalized approach to patient treatment. At our practice, we take each patient into account individually and consider even such things as the shape of your face and your profile when determining the best treatment plan for you. 

Damon Smile Bracelift

For adults, Damon Smile offers the exciting opportunity to take years off your appearance. Facial beauty begins with a beautiful smile, and many patients notice a positive extended effect on the rest of their face after being treated with Damon Smile. These aesthetic effects are exciting and often include a fuller, wider smile balanced against the natural shape of your face. Damon Smile can even affect your cheeks and the lift of your mouth, leading to an invigorated and youthful look that is sure to turn heads!

Your Smile is a Worthy Investment

When you feel good, you want the world to know! A gorgeous, healthy smile speaks volumes and you deserve to feel confident in yours. Many people shy away from the personal cost of investing in something like a smile, but Damon Smile is actually comparable in cost to traditional braces—with even more benefit!

How much for a Damon smile?

The cost of braces varies from patient to patient, so there is no universal rate. During your complimentary initial consultation, our practice will be able to provide you with an individual quote for the estimated cost of Damon Smile. Factors such as the issues treatment will address, treatment length, and insurance coverage will all impact the cost of your investment.


Coverage varies, but many of our patients with dental insurance find that their plans cover the cost of an orthodontics treatment, including treatment with Damon Smile. It’s always best to check with your provider, who can provide clarity as to what benefits you’re entitled to.

Payment Options

  • Monthly payment plans
  • Various payment arrangements to coincide with your Flex Plan needs
  • Most major credit cards accepted

Damon Smile Patients Confirm: Damon Smile is the Best

“At first, I was uncomfortable with the thought of having braces at my age, but the results I saw from my Damon braces were so dramatic, I feel like I got a facelift! My friends and family say I look ten years younger.” – Catherine (20 months, 12 appointments)

“Not only do I like my teeth, but I can see how a full smile has made a dramatic change in my whole face. It gives me a new sense of confidence.” – Tammy (19 months, 18 appointments)

“Before Damon, my brother had surgery to fix his underbite. I got a beautiful smile without surgery.” – Rachel (12 appointments)

“After years of living with my very crooked teeth, I was told I would need surgery to fix my smile. With the Damon Smile, surgery wasn't required. I never thought I could look this good, so comfortably, and in such a short amount of time.” – Andrew (20 months, 11 appointments)

“Now I look the way I always thought I should look.” – Ashley (22 months, 18 appointments)

“I noticed a change in both my appearance and my speech within just one month of treatment.” – Tony (16 months, eight appointments)

“I expected straight teeth, but now people say I'm beautiful.” – Charlene (18 months, 11 appointments)

Damon Smile: FAQ

What is the duration for treatment with Damon Smile?

Damon Smile braces typically produce much faster results than traditional braces, with fewer appointments required during treatment.

How can Damon Smile work so quickly and still be safe?

What makes Damon Smile work so quickly is its use of gentle, more biologically-sensible forces than conventional braces. Because the system is designed to work with you and not against you, results appear faster.

Will my teeth hurt after adjustments?

While periodic, slight discomfort is common throughout treatment plans involving braces, Damon Smile treatments tend to reduce even the little discomfort that patients might otherwise experience. This is largely due to the system’s low-force, low-friction design.

How much does Damon Smile treatment cost?

During your initial consultation, our practice will be able to produce a quote for the cost of your specific treatment. There are many factors that go into determining the cost, but generally, Damon Smile braces are comparable to the price of traditional braces.

Will my insurance cover Damon Smile treatment?

Benefits differ significantly from policy to policy, but if you have orthodontic coverage, Damon Smile braces are covered to the same extent as regular braces.

What payment options are available?

During your initial consultation and treatment plan, we'll sit with you to determine the best financial option available.

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