Baby Teeth and Braces: Benefits of Early Intervention

Did you know that today is Tooth Fairy Day? At Hutta & Price Orthodontics, we love the Tooth Fairy! When she first arrives in your child’s life, it may be time for our team to intervene. While the Tooth Fairy takes care of baby teeth, our orthodontists can help care for baby teeth and permanent teeth. Read on for more about early intervention and why it matters this Tooth Fairy Day!

What to expect when baby teeth fall out

Around the age of six or seven, children start losing baby teeth in the front of their mouth. After the front eight adult teeth come in along with the 6-year-old molars, your child will take a break from losing teeth. Around 10 or 11 years old, your child will start losing baby teeth again (another 12) until all their adult teeth have fully erupted. Patterns of baby tooth loss will vary from person to person. However, this transition generally takes around six years—excluding the four wisdom teeth that develop in the late teens or early adulthood. As the larger and more numerous adult teeth come in, many kids experience issues like crowding, misalignment, and poor/disrupted jaw growth and bite.

Many assume that you must wait until all adult teeth erupt before orthodontic treatment comes into play. However, while teen and adult braces are common and very effective, orthodontists can actually intervene far earlier.

What is early intervention?

So, when can kids begin using braces? There is no set time, but children should visit the orthodontist during the transition from baby to adult teeth—at around seven years old. At that point, our specialists will be able to detect many issues in their early stages, like an improper bite or crowding. Not all baby teeth need to be gone before beginning orthodontic treatment!

In fact, seeking early intervention can save you money while ensuring a more comfortable treatment for your child. It may even help limit the chances that your child will need tooth extractions or surgeries. By influencing your child’s facial growth and development, we can treat issues before they become more serious, intensive, and costly. For instance, we can prevent some issues, like crowding, from ever arising. If we notice a narrow dental arch/upper jaw, we may use a palate expander to make room for adult teeth and redirect the growth of the jaw. These orthodontic devices expand the patient’s jaw, creating space for teeth as they erupt, improving the size of a child’s airway, and forming the basis of a wide, aligned, and healthy smile.

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The Tooth Fairy and our team love nothing more than seeing kids take care of their baby and adult teeth! If your child is beginning to get visits from the Tooth Fairy, it may be time to come see us. Book your appointment today and help us set up your child for their healthiest, happiest smile.

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