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Getting Your Best Smile With Damon Braces

May 24th, 2022

The term "metal mouth" has been a staple in popular culture and schoolyard chatter for years. But how close to reality are chunky braces that set off metal detectors? Fortunately, orthodontic treatment is more effective, streamlined, and customized than ever. One of the advanced treatments our experts use is Damon Braces, which offers top-level orthodontic care more discreetly than traditional metal braces. Learn more about this technology below!

How do Damon Braces work?

At our practice, we don't use traditional braces. Instead, Dr. Hutta and Dr. Price are on the cutting-edge of orthodontics and proudly offer self-ligating technology for the best results. Traditional braces use elastic ties to connect each bracket to the archwire, while Damon Braces use tiny clips along the bracket to hold the archwire. Unlike traditional wires that require frequent adjustments, Damon uses memory wire and an open-shut door mechanism. The wire moves freely within the brackets and adjusts to your teeth's progress. This process makes orthodontic treatment smoother and more comfortable than treatment with traditional braces.

Damon vs. traditional braces

Not only are Damon Braces more discreet than their clunky traditional counterparts, but they also offer several additional benefits. Treatment with Damon Braces is:

  • Faster—in some cases, Damon Braces can be up to six months faster than traditional braces without compromising treatment quality!
  • More discreet—Damon Braces are less bulky than traditional braces. Plus, they use smaller brackets, eliminating the need for elastic ties. For an even more discreet treatment, Damon also comes in clear.
  • Easy on your schedule—though we love seeing you at every visit, Damon treatment is faster and requires fewer checkups than traditional braces.
  • More comfortable—memory wires self-adjust, leading to steady, gentle pressure and less friction. In addition, patients are less likely to have brackets catch on their lips or cheeks for a smoother all-around experience.

Benefits beyond your teeth

Many older patients are thrilled to hear that Damon Braces can help you achieve an aligned, healthy smile and make you look younger! By widening the dental arch and improving alignment, treatment can improve facial balance, helping your cheeks and lips appear fuller, lifting your cheeks' contours, and counteracting the loss of facial muscle that occurs with aging. With Damon, you can achieve a healthier smile that elevates and refreshes your entire face!

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Don't just dream it—do it! Get the smile you have always dreamed of at Hutta & Price Orthodontics. Schedule an appointment by calling 614-855-8800 to explore your treatment options. We want to make sure your smile shines for the world to see!

Let’s Keep Things Clear: Keeping Your Invisalign® Clean

April 18th, 2022

Convenient and discreet, clear aligners are an increasingly popular option to straighten and perfect smiles without any noticeable appliances. Aligners for an Invisalign touch-up or full Invisalign treatment are made of a custom-fit clear plastic that is nearly invisible. However, if you skip important dental care steps, your aligners and attachments may become stained, and your teeth may be at risk for cavities.

Tips for a healthy Invisalign transformation

Whether you have braces or aligners, excellent oral hygiene is key for a healthy orthodontic treatment. Aligners perfectly cover the teeth and block saliva from neutralizing cavity-causing food particles. Without proper brushing and flossing, bacteria can get trapped on your smile and lead to problems.

  • Brush your teeth every time you eat: It can be tempting to skip brushing—especially after you’ve just had a small snack—but if you have clear aligners, you are setting yourself up for stains, cavities, and bad breath. Brushing your teeth only takes two minutes but will keep your treatment going smoothly.
  • Use fluoride-based toothpaste: There are many kinds of toothpaste, but we recommend one with fluoride. Fluoride is an important chemical that helps improve your teeth’s defenses against plaque and decay. Ask your orthodontist for toothpaste and even mouthwash recommendations.
  • Avoid acidic beverages: Consuming acidic drinks, such as soda, orange juice, coffee, black tea, or darker beverages, can not only stain your teeth but also darken the tooth-colored attachments that help hold your aligners in place. The acidity can also eat away at your appliances, making the surfaces rougher over time.
  • Clean aligners regularly: To keep your trays in good shape and free of harmful bacteria, you should clean them each time you remove them for eating, drinking, or brushing your teeth. You can lightly brush them with liquid soap or toothpaste and a soft-bristled toothbrush under cold or warm water (remember, hot water can warp the plastic!). You can also soak them in retainer cleaner.
  • Do NOT drink with aligners: It may not seem like a big deal but drinking anything other than water with your aligners in can damage both your Invisalign attachments and enamel. The beverage slips between your teeth and aligners, coating your teeth where your saliva cannot wash it away. Then the sugar or acids wear down your teeth, aligners, and attachments, causing staining and plaque build-up.

Talk to our experts

Our experts at Hutta & Price Orthodontics will make sure you are taking the best care of your smile during treatment. Whether you are looking for braces, clear aligners, or stain-resistant Damon Braces, we will help you find your perfect treatment plan. Call us at 614-855-8800 to find out more!

Celebrities Who Touched up Their Smiles With Invisalign®

March 18th, 2022

Having an aligned, healthy smile can be life-changing! Not only does it solve issues like hard-to-clean teeth and a poor bite, but it can also change the way you feel about your face. In the past, noticeable braces, food restrictions, and frequent adjustments turned some adults away from orthodontics. Fortunately, Invisalign is here to help—now in as little as six months!

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign treatment uses clear, removable, virtually invisible aligners. Patients wear them at all times, except for when they’re eating. Since they are removable, there are no food restrictions. Patients just need to be sure to brush and floss before putting aligners back in! Typically, patients switch aligners every two weeks. Tray by tray, teeth slowly move into place for a healthy smile and bite.

At Hutta & Price Orthodontics, we use Invisalign for full smile transformations as well as six-month Smile Touch-Ups (perfect for those who stopped wearing their retainer). Both options perfect your smile, though touch-ups are our fastest and most affordable treatment yet, starting at only $159 a month!

Invisalign is an excellent option for those seeking their best smile without wanting noticeable braces or lifestyle changes. In fact, clear aligners are so easy to integrate into your daily life they’ve become a staple for celebrities. Don’t believe us?

Four stars who got their smile from Invisalign:

Invisalign helps busy musicians, like Billie Eilish! As a Grammy-winning artist and fashion icon, Billie used Invisalign to get a beautiful smile. She has been vocal about her use of Invisalign, and even opened her debut album, saying, “I have taken out my Invisalign, and this is the album!” We’re sure those easily removable aligners helped her sing her best while performing, touring, and recording.

Models like Gisele Bündchen use Invisalign for picture-perfect grins! Even supermodels need help with their smiles. Activist, businesswoman, and one of the highest-paid models in the world, Gisele opened up to Elle about how Invisalign helped her correct a tooth that was shifting out of place.

Thanks to Invisalign, athletes like Kyle Lowry can still shoot hoops! MVP Kyle Lowry plays for the Toronto Raptors, and he got his winning smile transformation from Invisalign. In 2019, he even surprised fans as he removed his aligners before delivering his championship rally speech in front of 2 million people!

Busy actors, like Zendaya, trust Invisalign for their schedules! One of the biggest stars around, Zendaya’s smile is always on full display. As a young actress, she needed a treatment option that wouldn’t interrupt her busy life or show up on camera during filming. Like many, she opted for Invisalign to achieve her red-carpet-ready smile!

Ready for your superstar smile?

There’s no time like NOW to get started on your Invisalign journey! Whether you’re looking to perfect your smile with a six-month touch-up or you are interested in full treatment, we can’t wait to help you get the smile you deserve. Book your appointment with Hutta & Price Orthodontics today!

De-stress and Smile

February 15th, 2022

We all can get stressed when it comes to work, school, or even the weather. While some stress is normal, stress can manifest in the mouth, leading to poor physical and mental health over time. February is a cold and gloomy month, especially in Ohio. If the winter blues are increasing your stress levels, find out how to keep your smile healthy and even target symptoms through orthodontics!

How stress impacts your smile

  • Bruxism: Some people carry stress and tension in their jaw. Bruxism occurs when you clench or grind your teeth—either at night or during the day. While malocclusions can lead to bruxism, stress is often a contributing factor. Over time, bruxism can damage teeth and orthodontic appliances as well as lead to TMJ dysfunction symptoms, like jaw locking, pain, and headaches.
  • Comfort eating: How often do you reach for soda when you’re sleep-deprived or choose cookies when the day hasn’t gone well? While enjoying occasional sweets is not dangerous, it can increase your risk of cavities. But what if you’re craving a treat that is not braces friendly? Always skip out on the peanut brittle, chocolate-covered popcorn, or hard candy if you have braces. There are plenty of other comfort foods (and sweets!) that won’t put your brackets or appliances at risk.
  • Poor oral hygiene: When we get stressed, our schedules slip up and good habits often go by the wayside. Don’t fall prey to skipping your nighttime brushing, ignoring your retainer, or failing to floss! If you do, you may end up with cavities, a slower treatment, or even needing to get a Smile Touch-Up if your teeth have shifted out of place after braces or aligners.

Can orthodontics help?

Fortunately, if a poor bite is causing or worsening your bruxism, treatment with clear aligners or braces can help! By correcting your bite, we can reduce your symptoms and improve your quality of life—while delivering your healthiest, happiest smile. With treatment options customized to your needs, Drs. Hutta and Price can give you the care you deserve.

Tips for a healthy (stress-free!) treatment

For everyone dealing with stress this month, don’t let it impact your orthodontic treatment! Here are some tips to help you de-stress and focus on finding your smile:

  • Eat healthily: Nourish your body and mind with delicious, healthy, and vitamin-packed foods. Just remember to brush after!
  • Listen to some good music: Music can help brighten your mood and make chores fun! You might even want to create a playlist brushing or flossing your teeth.
  • Stay active: It may be chilly, but going for a quick run or having a dance party in your living room releases feel-good endorphins to keep you smiling.
  • Keep track of your schedule: Stay on top of your activities, oral hygiene, and orthodontic appointments with a planner, app, or notepad.

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