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Damon® Smile In Columbus, OH


Damon Smile

At James T. Hutta Orthodontics, we use only the very best technology to create gorgeous smiles. That means we use the gold standard in braces: Damon.

Damon Smile self-ligating brackets are superior to traditional braces because they are smaller and have an open-shut door mechanism allowing the wire to sit down in the bracket making them much more comfortable for our patients. Eliminating elastic ties reduces the pressure placed on each tooth, while the sliding door of the brackets allows for more precise tooth movement and a more beautiful smile.

Damon Smile

With Damon Smile braces, the shape memory wires are made of copper nickel titanium and are thermal activated, allowing the wire to stimulate when a patient's mouth is warm and relax when cool. This combination allows us to treat patients in less time than with traditional braces and gives them a superior smile.

Many orthodontic offices still use traditional braces, but Dr. Hutta and Dr. Price refuse to use anything but the very best when it comes to our patients. That is why we will only treat our patients with Damon Smile. Learn more about our advanced braces technology during your complimentary consultation at our Gahanna, OH orthodontic office!